Chutney Recipes

Chutney is a condiment that can be wet or dry, pickled, sweet or spiced. In English cuisine, chutneys tend to be wet, pickled condiments that contain vegetables or fruit, vinegar/citrus juice and sugar that taste both sweet and sour. Chutney can also be used to describe a savoury jam made with vegetables or chilli. Try serving your chutneys with the classic accompaniments, cheese and biscuits, or serve them with cold cuts of leftover meat, spread in sarnies or whisked with a little oil for a quick and simple salad dressing.

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About Chutney:

Chutney is not just an English condiment we also have a couple of Indian chutney recipes made with fresh herbs and other ingredients, which are basically a dip, a little bit like an Italian pesto or a French salsa verde. Serve these with poppadums or naan breads, or dollop some on the side of a curry for a little bit of freshness.

We have loads of chutney recipes above, including a classic caramelised red onion chutney, some brilliant chutneys for using up gluts of summer veggies: summer chutney, green bean chutney, marrow chutney and courgette chutney, as well as a lovely garlicky plum chutney and an easy peasy apple chutney.

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